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Hi, my name is [YOUR NAME]. I am a Realtor here in [YOUR CITY]. I’m sure you realize that all real estate transactions are a matter of public record. But what does this really mean? The closing agent’s responsibility is to file all transactions in the tax records office after each closing. This way there is no question about your rights and ownership. They will send it to the tax records office, and from there it is processed. After this is completed, you will then receive the original back in the mail. This can take anywhere from a few weeks, to a month or two. It will show up out of the blue and remind you that you own the house… Think of it as another congrats! Ok, that’s it for now! Thanks for being here, and make sure to check out the MORE FROM [your name here] button on this page for more great content. And if you are watching this on YouTube, then subscribe, and make sure to click the click the bell, so you can get the next video. Thanks so much again and feel free to pass this along to your friends, neighbors and even your work colleagues if they need my help. Have a great day! Bye!
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