The BEST REAL ESTATE MARKETING STRATEGY for Exponential Growth in 2024

Without a doubt, video is the best real estate marketing strategy, but there’s a problem.

You’re busy. Do you even have time to think about making real estate videos?

Maybe. But let’s explore starting a career in real estate first.

For most new agents getting into the industry, the typical daydream vision is …

“I’ll get my license, and then I’ll show some homes. I’ll make a few grand, maybe take a trip!”.

Which is great! Visualizing your success is important. Daydreaming is a good thing. But then…

Well then… reality sets in.

Yep – for most new agents, there is a gap between the vision, and the reality.

Starting as a new real estate agent is different than what most expect.  Unlock some doors. Make loads of cash. Yeah! Sign me up!

But here’s what happens for most.

Survival mode.

Can I get something going this week?

Simply surviving with no paycheck is no small feat.

And you’ve gotta hustle to find one. (or you’re out!)

This is normally what makes up the start of a new real estate career.  Not to say, instant success isn’t achievable.

It is!

It absolutely is!

For a fairly decent percentage of people, it absolutely, positively is.

That’s what this blog post is about. We’re here to lift you up.

But if are brand new, or if you are in for a few years already, and you are struggling to get going…

Try not to stress.

This is completely understandable, for any hunter-gatherer.

A rut is not a grave. It can be a small bump on a long road.

Just know, like any epic adventure, there are so many challenges surrounding the things that new real estate agents would never think to know.

Things you couldn’t know. Not until you actually get  on the road and start driving. keep reading

Things a brand new real estate agent must think about:

  • License Law
    • “where do I get an education?” “What do I need to know about?”
    • Where do I go to take the test?These are all things swimming around in your mind on day one.
      Is there even time, or any room for figuring out how to find real estate leads?
  • Where will I hang my license?
    • You need to have an actual job in real estate before you can begin.
    • You have to find someone to sponsor you.
    • You have to land a job before you can begin.
  • What about real estate branding?
    • You’ve got your surface level branding.
    •  business cards,
    • Logos and swag (refrigerator magnets)
    • The colors
    • Car magnets. All of these things that first come to mind to get going, and all of this comes before even starting to think about finding real estate leads.
  • Technology Training
    • Every real estate market has a Board of Realtors.
    • The board requires certain classes to allow access to the basic technology functions in real estate.
    • This includes lockbox training, and how to use the Multiple Listing Service.
  • Learning the Market – This is a step that bogs most new real estate agents down, and can prolong the actual money making part of real estate. I would challenge you to try and kill two birds with one stone here.

Here’s the secret to Learning Your Market

  • Learn the market using the “Time Machine Method” – This recent video blog post will explain.
  • Learn the market when it is necessary.Let me say that again. Don’t go visit neighborhoods, unless you are going to shoot some video.
    Stop wasting gas. That recent blog post I mentioned above will help.

How? When? Where does video come in as the best real estate marketing strategy?

Not soon enough. Your new real estate marketing strategy needs to happen today.

But for many, strategy comes too late in the game.

Almost when it’s too late.

You’ll hear that you can’t build a good house without a strong foundation many times in this business.

And it’s true! Getting stuck in the early real estate weeds can derail most new real estate agents and taking steps to avoid this pitfall could very well be the lynchpin to your instant success.

Here’s what works for me.

I compartmentalize.

I put real estate in two cubbies. Two perfect little white shelves that live in my brain all the time.

Putting your real estate career in two boxes is a key step and will help you become a successful real estate agent.

  1. Working “in” your business
  2. Working “on” your business

Working “in” your business is where agents get stuck. This includes things I mentioned above initially.

Getting a license, finding a place to print business cards, getting a sponsoring broker. These are the early “working in your business” things that delay success.

And then comes the actual working with clients! More working in your business happens. Floor duty, open houses, mass mailings, showing homes, inspections.

And here’s the thing! Most new real estate agents get one client, and that one client becomes their entire focus. And here’s what may happen with this one client you have.

Avoid the New Agent / One Client Pitfall

  • Your one client may not know what they want
  • Your one client may not be able to move until next month, or next year
  • Your one client may lose their job
  • Your one client may buy a for sale by owner
  • Your one client may choose a different city, one that you don’t sell real estate in

Do you see my point?

Putting all of your eggs in one basket, may start out with the sunny side up…

but after a few showings and several non starts, after a few months, you could have egg on your face!

And yes, that was a terrible pun.

But worth it if you understand the message.

Constant real estate lead generation is really important. And this, my friends, is where video enters the picture.

The best real estate marketing strategy starts now!

As a new real estate agent, beginning to make real estate videos will not just help you survive, it will help you flourish, and flourish fast, with lots of closings. (if you do it right)

Four benefits of building your real estate business with video

  1. Making videos as a real estate agent will establish your authority – Yes, authority can happen when you are brand new. And here’s the thing, you don’t have to know anything about real estate. You can be brand new, and become an authority fast.Here’s a free YouTube Course to show you how.
  2. Making Videos as a new real estate agents will help others big time – This is where the Law of Reciprocity comes in. And the key to utilizing the law of reciprocity, is that you just have to do something nice for someone else, without expecting anything in return. This is why we created The Vendor Network as part of the Clientown CRM.
  3. Making videos as a new real estate agent will give you confidence – Confidence is a necessary trait. You’ll find that real estate is not easy, and with that said, consider creating your own blue ocean (a blue ocean is creating an environment where there is no competition).This topic is worthy of its own video and blog post. (subscribe and click the bell! Is that a thing on a blog post?)
  4. Your brand will spread at scale – People will know you are a real estate agent, and what you stand for will be available to the world. (if you do it right)

And what exactly is a real estate brand anyways?

Many real estate agents think a real estate brand is a color scheme, and a slogan, and perhaps even a website. And while those do play a small part of “branding” these are not what a brand is or does.

A strong real estate brand is measured in feelings
  • Not necessarily your feelings, though they do play a part.
  • A strong real estate brand is based around how someone feels after meeting you, whether online or in person.
  • A strong real estate brand is based around what you stand for, and how you shine a spotlight pin certain aspects of where you live.

    There’s a quite a bit that can be unpacked here, but for brevity, let’s provide you with some solid, executable steps you can take as a new real estate agent that wants to become a successful real estate agent fast.

Here are three steps to become a successful real estate agent

  1. Don’t waste time – your broker may tell you to hold open houses, because that’s what brokers do. It’s their go to move. That is not a scalable solution that can work for you in the background. This blog post gets deep into this subject.
  2. Visualize your success – Just like Michael Jordan did. He visualized the slam dunk and thousands of free throws before the season even began, and you can do the same.
  3. Make videos to help people – This is the best real estate marketing strategy that exists today. Painting the picture of what it’s like living in your market, helping people visualize their new town and what their lives will be like in your city… THIS is the answer to an endless stream of real estate opportunities.But it takes hard work.But with hard work, comes lots of lessons.With hard work comes lots of opportunities, and most importantly…With hard work, there is no regret.

I am  a firm believer that the best real estate marketing strategy is making the highest quality videos possible. (short of going to film school or becoming a full time camera gear head)

In other words, not just popping up your cell phone and making a video off the cuff.

I believe in quality over quantity. Your new customers will appreciate your quality over quantity.

The video above talks about an Apple Store mentality. Look at Apple right now. They are a brand like no other. Every fiber of their being is set around quality and the experience.

Watch the video on this post to see just what I mean, and then launch your real estate career with with the best real estate marketing stagey there is, and will continue to be – yes, good videos last forever.

PS – not sure what type of videos to make, take this free YouTube course to find out.


Nat Wallen

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