Real estate isn’t just about the houses

Real estate is about your people.

Hear real stories

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Put your customers
front and center.

Never forget a name, or a face

  • The design is simple and keeps you focused.
  • See your entire database with just a click or two.
  • Use custom Power Streams to dissect and work with any type of person you choose.
Find your golden influencers
  • Identify influencers and strategize how to bring more specific value to top tier connections.
  • Dissect your database with the A,B,C,D method.
  • Develop a plan to move contacts from D (someone you don’t know), to B (someone likely to refer you).

Master details with spouses and hobbies

  • Your database is not just an address book anymore.
  • Use the FORD technique to listen for insight into their Family, Occupation, Recreation and Dreams.
  • Create circles of people when adding families, or business partners to further dial it in.

Automate new people

  • Create magical, upfront automations based on contact type. Yes.
  • When a new seller comes in, you’ve got an action planner, already built, to help you build your database for long-term care.
  • A new buyer gets added, and you are getting reminders to find them on social, and share a YouTube video.
  • Build task lists to apply to new transactions.

Know who said what, when

  • Dial, text and email directly from a contact record.
  • You’ll talk less to your admin and team.
  • The Activity Stream keeps a timeline record of calls, text messages, emails and notes.

Achieve legendary follow-up status with Power Streams!

  • Build Power Streams to perfectly curate the right people, and put them in front of you every single day.
  • Enjoy complete control over your data.
  • Use Power Streams to squeeze every ounce of opportunity out of your database.

What makes
Clientown different?

You’ll visualize your dreams with a bucket list.

  • Yes, writing down your goal is a powerful first step to reaching your goals.
  • Visualizing them gets you even closer to making it a reality.
  • Add bucket list items and check them off as you achieve them.
  • Make your dreams a reality with BellaRuby’s Bucket List.

You’ll connect with your friends

  • Accountability pushes each other further
  • Invite your friends and colleagues to connect with you.
  • Lift each other up each day to a higher level of production.
  • Make real estate fun again

You’ll add new leads with your MyTown Tour Builder

  • Build and launch personalized Self-Guided GPS Tours.
  • Attract higher end clients from Youtube, Tik Tok and anywhere social media.
  • Send leads to other systems via Zapier, or work them right here in the Clientown CRM.

And the person’s
record is so easy!