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Where did all of this come from? Yes, this may be a crazy thumbnail, and you’ll notice in the video, I’m wearing a tight white t-shirt. Not my normal approach, but let me explain. I make video tours of Charleston, SC and I really love putting these together. And sometimes, I go overboard because I am a bit of a perfectionist. In this case, I am reviewing a video that was inspired by the new Top Gun Maverick movie,

Are my videos perfect? No.

Is perfection necessary? No. I shot a long form video of an area in my market called Mt Pleasant. It is the place people come to really enjoy living on the coast. it is also a higher end area, and home sales start in the 700s, and quickly move their way up. And while I do have other area tours, I decided to go big for Mt Pleasant because it can hep a lot of people, and my average price point will increase as well.

And I wanted massive views.

With that said, I decided to test a new approach by creating a series of short videos that would then lead to this long form one hour and seven minute video tour of Mt Pleasant. The idea is to create a binge-able series. It was fun to make, and these videos still need help because views are not stellar.

Next step, thumbnail work!

My plan is to either go in and re-insert security Joe in to the short series, (he was removed), or I will simply re-work the keywords and thumbnails. Videos are a work in progress, and being prepared to make changes as needed is part of growth and just being willing to learn more.  
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