Grow Real Estate Referrals With Content Marketing

What the heck do I write about?

That’s a great question, and it deserves a straight-forward answer. But there is a bigger question to consider here….

With Zillow in everyone’s pocket, and the data they now have access to, how do we as agents stand out and become needed?

Content marketing is truly one of our best assets, but the problem is, you have to do they work. And who even who has the time? And what the heck do we write about.

Start by deciding to create the right content.

In fact, if you are purposeful you can position yourself to generate a ton of referrals. It’s all about making shareable content. But how?

Take off your real estate hat for a moment. Imagine you just landed a new job, and while you are excited with the new pay increase, the underlying stress of packing up the house and relocating your entire family is starting to build. You need to feel better about this whole “my world was just turned upside down” news that your boss just gave you, and the clock is ticking.

This is where your knowledge can swoop in and save the day, or at the very least… get people to pay attention long enough to tell themselves that they need YOU… and not some other agent.

So what is the “right content”? – This is a two part answer.

  • The right content is the content that is missing. It fills the information gap that your customers have about your area, or about the process.
  • The right content is also evergreen. This helps you and your business because making videos and creating blog posts take time, and they need to be recyclable, meaning that they will stand the test of time and can benefit buyers and sellers for the long haul.

Consider a local video tour.

As am agent in Charleston, I have had good success with local video tours. I started with one part of town and now have a dozen that help me share my localness. I used Google Earth as the canvas and am able to navigate a map of my city. I then layered in some video I gathered and of course my commentary helps too!

Here is an example:

There just are not enough hours in the day!

Yes, creating these tours have been quite the time investment, but the beauty of it is that I have been able to do the work once, and they now continue to work for me every day.

If you are telling yourself you don’t have time, I get it. I personally love making videos so it never feels like work to me. And yes, I realize not everyone will be excited to hunch over an editing station for a week or more, so I created the new BellaRuby Pipeline Content Marketing Solution.

It’s a done-for-you solution that will help you grow your business with content marketing, right out of the box. Take a look at this video for more details.

Pipeline Content Marketing Solution

Watch this short video to sell one of the tools offered in the BellaRuby suite fo referral building products.

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