Meet John Spruill

John Spruill

Chief Operating Officer

John has nearly 3 decades of career experience in the Automotive Industry. He has created and led large engineering organizations to launch hundreds of new vehicle models. Having served in an executive capacity at several Automotive companies, as well as founding his own consultancy and being active in philanthropic endeavors, John is energized by start-up culture.  John embraces the challenges of how to scale a start-up business to deliver the intended results by building thriving teams, operationalizing each business unit, and solving complex technical challenges.

Notably, John put these philosophies into practice in the explosive growth of Tesla having joined in 2009 as a founding member of test and validation when there were only 400 employees. Over the decade, John scaled his business unit’s exponentially as the company grew to more than 55,000 employees globally. Having worked directly with Elon and other executives at Tesla, John grew his organization from scratch to a global scale to launch all of Tesla’s products ranging from Roadster 2.0 to the development of the Model Y.

After leaving Tesla, John founded his own consultancy and worked to launch another new startup EV company, Canoo, into the market, and worked with a software company to mature their product for market introduction.

John found Nat Wallen through his YouTube channel when searching video content on relocating to Charleston, SC. Nat and John formed an instant connection and have been working collaboratively to bring Clientown to market. John is applying his talents and proven track record of how to scale start-ups for rapid growth while cultivating a healthy team centric culture. John is eager to help real estate professionals create more win-win relationships with their clients using Clientown, just like was the case between him and Nat.