Meet Appolos Laurient

Appolos Laurient

Chief Content Officer

Appolos Laurient is an award-winning director, creative producer and executive with over 25 years of experience in media.

Appolos Laurient is an exceptional storyteller who possesses a deep passion for connecting people through the art of storytelling. Over the course of his impressive 25 year career,  Appolos has collaborated with renowned international brands such as Paramount Global, CBS, BET, Viacom, Coca Cola, Sprite, Grey Goose, Remy Martin, Ford, Tylenol, McDonalds, and The Recording Academy, among others. Through his innovative approach, Appolos has consistently delivered award-winning content across various genres and platforms, demonstrating his ability to seamlessly merge creativity with data-driven analysis.

Appolos won a NAMIC Award for his multi-platform marketing content and a GLAAD Award nomination for critically acclaimed original documentary Holler If You Hear Me: Black and Gay in the Church. Appolos’ documentary work garned him the selection to the Cannes Film Festival for “Please Stand Up!” He also contributed to the award-winning feature Let’s Talk (Slamdance, Sundance Channel) and has worked on a variety of short form projects including movie trailers, commercials, and television promos.

With extensive expertise in digital video production, Appolos excels in managing production teams, overseeing post-production processes, and ensuring the highest standards of content quality. He possesses a remarkable ability to navigate budget and deadline constraints, continuously delivering exceptional results.

As the Supervising Producer at Paramount Global, Appolos spearheaded data-driven content strategies and provided comprehensive oversight throughout all stages of production. Collaborating closely with production designers, cinematographers, and creative partners, he consistently crafted captivating and concise award-winning content, all while meticulously adhering to client budgets and deadlines.

During his tenure as the Senior Editor/Producer at Viacom Digital Studios, Appolos expertly managed post-production for both short-form and long-form content across multiple platforms. Through his meticulous workflow oversight, collaborative approach with producers, and mentorship of editing staff, he optimized processes, increased production efficiency, and fostered personal growth within the team.

Appolos’s career is driven by his unwavering passion for storytelling, brand development, and team collaboration. Leveraging his extensive experience and skills, he empowers brands and media outlets to share content that not only informs and influences but also achieves measurable goals.