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MyTown Tours FAQs

On average ten minutes, but it could go longer if you choose to add audio, video and multiple photos. We encourage you to make them robust, so the experience is appreciated more by yout future customers.

MyTown Tours are meant to help you become an individual with your own perspective on your market. Marketing is attracting, so craft irresistible headlines, use great photography and make your tours as if you are sharing your market with a college friend. This will resonate with some, and not with others, which is what makes you an individual. You’ll work with people that you naturally attract. Just be creative, run a better ad campaign, and the leads will come.

Yes and no. The system is part of the Clientown Selling System and the CRM is part of this. If you choose to connect with Zapier, you can ignore the Clientown CRM and just use your own with no problem.

Your tours will still be alive, so you are not at risk of giving someone a tour and them not being able to take it. You will not be notified of any new leads that come in on landing pages without an active account.

Each lead is added as a new contact in the Clientown CRM where you are notified in the notifications section found in the top right of the desktop version and in the notifications of the native app (when available)

Each new contact record includes their answers to your customized questions.

With our Zapier integration, you’ll visit your Zapier account and make custom integrations with the other systems you have for your real estate business. The capabilities are only limited to your imagination and the ability for your other systems (like your IDX website) to connect with Zapier.

All reviews are displayed to you for your approval or rejection. If you approve of a review, then it becomes visible on your Tour Landing page. If not, it will remain hidden from public view.


Yes, this can be done when you import your contacts into your Clientown CRM.

Yes – but because of a recent change in the laws around text messaging, all systems that offer text messaging require an approval process. This is something we take seriously for our customer’s protection. We do provide assistance with this process, and will help get your right as a real estate agent established with the proper agency and process.

Yes, it has a scheduler that allows you to create appointments from a person’s record that ties the appointment to that person. 

You can also create default automations that remind you to set an appointment as certain types of people come into the CRM, so it is very powerful.

Power Streams are an amazing addition to the database management experience and allow you to specifically curate different types of people into a dynamic list. 

Found on Clientown’s People Screen, as you select a Power Stream it puts from the drop down, it shows you exactly who you are looking to work with. 

Examples are new MyTown Tour Leads, People that are Ready to Buy, Warm Leads, and People With Birthdays Soon. 

You are in complete control of who you want to see and the combinations of people with certain traits and nearly endless. 

Yes, the system has “Default Automations” that give you the power to create any number of tasks as new types of people come in. 

For example: If you want a task reminder to add a headshot each time a new sphere is added, or if you want to remind yourself to call a new MyTown Tour Lead.

No – if you choose our monthly plans, and you cancel, you will have full access until your next monthly bill comes due. You will not be charged again, but per our terms of use, we do not prorate.

If you choose our annual savings, which depending on the plan is between 20 and 25% off, if you cancel, there is not a refund. You will have full access until your yearly account is complete and you will not be charged again once your year renews.

Yes! Clientown’s Activity Streams keep a record of your communications in multiple ways. 

You can add notes to a record, send and document emails, document text messages, phone calls also. 

This way if your assistant is working on your behalf, you can see what has been said and when to keep up to date on exactly what is happening so you are prepared.

Big City FAQs

Our intention is to gather as much information about the true needs of the agents so we can deliver the right solution, at the right time. We will keep you posted. 

No, not at all. Once we understand what it includes, we will simply reach out as a friendly reminder that you have interest.

Miscellaneous FAQs

If you choose an annual subscription you will save monies for certain. We do not offer refunds, however, you will have full access to the system for the duration of the contract and your card will not be auto-renewed, regardless of if you are on an annual or monthly plan.  

Yes, but support is limited at this time. We are currently developing and testing our full and will announce the changes as they are completed. 

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