Welcome to Content Maker Mastermind

Invite them into your living room

Leveling up your
video game

Trimester 1:
Making a budget video

  • The best low budget path to ease into your new channel
  • How to fill the internet gap with content not found on other channels
  • Build a simple studio in your spare bedroom
  • Together we will shoot, edit and launch a budget video

Trimester 2:
Stop being a YouTuber

  • A high level look at YouTube and what it will mean for the rest of your real estate career.
  • Is a website really important? Yes, and no.
  • Learn the power of sentence phrasing
  • Discover the right content blend to keep you out of being a pushy salesman and into more closings.
  • Get them to commit by making simple offers.

Trimester 3:
Prepare for YouTube Success

  • The true nuts and bolts to making better videos.
  • Learn lighting, audio, teleprompting, and editing
  • Creating better, more endearing content.
  • Have a plan for every video to build your channel for organize
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