Free “Digital Mayor” YouTube VideoKIT.


How to Build a Home Studio

  • Make videos a part of your every day real estate business.
  • Bring value at scale, build your brand and sell more homes.
  • Watch the video for a step by step guide to making an affordable, and effective home video studio.


How to drop forced registration on your site, and still get clients

  • Win a buyer’s trust early with this simple lead magnet to help new buyers to your market.
  • Create a step through form to gather valuable intel.
  • Turn off forced registration and sell more homes by bringing value first.

White paper

Video marketing in real estate
10 Killer video ideas that get buyers to convert you

Jumpstart your channel with local intel and bring more value to incoming buyers and sellers.

Copy & paste script

Script: How to buy and sell at the same time

Help yourself by helping customers buy and sell without being homeless. This means 2 closings!

Bonus pack

Video Marketing for Real Estate - Tips for Sellers - How to get multiple offers
Script Pack: The Psychology of Selling

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